Nehemiah 6:15-7:4 “The Wall is Completed”

Nehemiah 6-7 _Nehemiah Finishes The Wall  (Audio File for Download)

Do you have a broken wall in your life that you know God is calling you to rebuild? Is there an impossible situation in your life that you know you must walk through? Are you in a process that has been met with opposition? Do you worry about the outcome?

  1. Let God do the work in you.

Ask him for help with what you are going through.

Release the control into His hands

Trust Him for the outcome. He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.

2. Let Him have the glory.

Look for His activity…the wall was finished in 52 days. I don’t know how many of you deal with contractors, but that is crazy fast.

The thing that effected the other nations the most was that they perceived that the work was done with the help of God.

Humility is the product of clearly seeing God’s work for what it is.

3. Let Him keep working.

When the walls were finished there was still work to be done.

As long as you are on this earth there will be things that Jesus wants to do with you.

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