Bloom Devotional for April 12, 2013

My Wife sends these out to the ladies in our church ever so often. I asked her If I could publish them here. She said “sure” so, here is the latest.
Bloom Devotional  Friday, April 12
As a few of you might know, Chloe has been having some increasing back pain. After taking her to see her primary care physician, we were referred to a pediatric orthopedist.  We went to see this doctor yesterday morning. Chloe has a crack in her spine. He did an X-ray and said he suspected Congenital Lumbosacral Spondylolysis. I know those are big words and I don’t exactly understand it myself. Neither the doctor nor I know exactly how the crack happened because Chloe and I do not remember an accident that would pinpoint the occurrence. The doctor wants to know more and has ordered a CT scan next Tuesday; following his observance of the CT scan, Bryan and I will have a meeting with him next Thursday.
The Lord spoke to my heart very personally yesterday morning and I am trusting that Chloe and my whole family are in His everlasting arms. Chloe shed some tears when see saw the crack on the X-ray and she said to me on my lap, “Mom, I’ve never dealt with this before!” I wanted to say, “Me neither!” But I pointed her to The Lord, as I must, for she belongs to The Lord first before she belongs to me.
Last night I was reading the next story in the Bible to the girls before they went to bed for the night. To my joy, the stories were from Luke 8, where The Lord healed the woman with a discharge of blood and raised Jairus’ daughter back to life. As I read these stories, I could not help but think of Chloe. I looked at my daughter and told her that these stories were for her. They are to build faith in her little heart that Jesus cares and is eager to meet her needs. A small tear trickled down her her face as she lay in her bed. I could tell she was listening and her little heart was receptive.
While I do not know the final outcome nor what the process will look like for Chloe, I do know that we have a God who cares and who loves us. His heart is full of steadfast love towards those who fear Him and call upon His name.  I am thankful. And Chloe is learning.

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