Luke 19:28-40 Palm Sunday 2013

Palm Sunday 2013 (audio file)

This week is another example where my notes are fairly minimal, but I filled things out much more in the sermon. So if things seem strange as you read, listen to the audio.

It’s palm Sunday! do you know what that means? It means we wave branches of trees around right? We celebrate and sing songs that say words that we don’t understand, like hosanna! Who knows what that means? It means “Save Now” Well we have seen in the past few weeks that jesus in the last week or so of his life is really shaping His follower’s ideas of who he is, and what he is supposed to do. The first week we looked at how Peter revealed who he was, and immediately Jesus began to reset what that meant for Peter. He told them that he wasn’t here to set up a physical throne, but a heavenly one. and last week, we saw how Jesus dealt with the religious leaders of His day. he took them to task on their attitudes about their own piety and performance. They were focussed on the outside and He is focussed on the inside.

Today, we have another picture of Jesus doing more resetting for his disciples.

Before we get started I want you to think about something for a minute. Have you ever felt let down by Jesus? Have you ever felt that your life has not added up to the Jesus Billing? Cause many of us as young people were told that if your life is al messed up, you should turn to Jesus, and he will make it all better. Then your child gets sick, or dies, and our marriage falls apart, or someone you trust gets arrested. I think alot of how we handle those trials in our lives has a direct correlation to what is in our hearts when we cry Hosanna. Save now! From what?

Lets read the text and then we will talk about it.

So, let me ask you this, what is the first phrase of this text? “…and when he had said these things…” What things? Well what things is he talking about? the parable that he told right before this section. The one we read just s few minutes ago. What was all that about? Well, I don’t have time here to unpack everything it means, but it is clear from the first verse that he told the parable because there were some who supposed that the kingdom of God would appear immediately.


I want to talk today about to crowds


The crowd that worships.

-some want things from him-

-few want Him



The crowd that rejects Him.

-because he didn’t deliver.

-because they wanted their own glory.



Why do you worship?


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