Philippians 4:4-9

Philippians 4:4-9 (audio file)

Philippians 4:4-9  The Peace That Makes No Sense

So last week we heard a heard word from the Lord that we will have disagreements as Christians, and those aren’t always sinful. They can lead to sin, but a disagreement about an area where the Bible is silent is normal, and I would say healthy, and we should expect it. What we need to do though in the times when we disagree over an issue that is not clearly addressed in scripture is to “agree in the Lord”. the way we do that is to remember the gospel, get help, and look to eternity.

What we are seeing in these last few messages in Philippians is that Paul is closing out his letter to this church with a few short little housekeeping items. He addressed the two women having a disagreement, and there are a few other things he wants to address. Now i want to make sure that we don’t take these as separated from the whole letter. We need to see these things as application points of all that he has said in this letter. theses are ways that we can flesh out all that he has said previously and apply the truth he has proclaimed to our own lives…

Now, let me ask you this question. What are you anxious about? What keeps you up at night? Is it a financial situation, is it a health situation, how about a loved one? what are you currently anxious about?

When You are anxious… you don’t need an outcome, you need God.

Do you have a hard time rejoicing when you are anxious?

  1. Pray, and He will bring you Peace.

a.Recognizes His Sovereignty. 

  1. Rejects our desire to control. 
  2. Peace is more valuable than the desired outcome. 
  1. Set your mind on his Good things.
  1. Recognizes His Goodness, 
  2. rejects our tendency to distrust God’s love. 
  3. No matter the earthly outcome, it is meant for our Good. 
  1. Walk in obedience.
  1. Recognizes his Plan. 
  2. rejects our desire to subvert His order.
  3. Draws us near to Him. When we keep walking, we must keep trusting.

The Lord is near…He will Guard your hearts and minds…and be with you. When we are in a crisis, or are anxious about a particular trial, or something that we are facing. no matter the outcome, our reward is not the outcome, it is God himself.

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