V. 1. All you see are these brick walls, and masks I wear for you.

Holding shame, hiding pain, keeping safe whats true.

The pain it burns, pain it burns, but tells me I still feel

Deep inside, Deep inside, I want to know Im real

V. 2. I see my world its caving in, these walls are shaking now

The mask is torn now from my face, falling to the ground

See my eyes, see these tears, like rivers flowing down

Crying out, their screaming out, somebody save me now

V. 3. Unveiled, unmasked what will you think, think of the real me

Bloody nose, blackened eyes, now you can finally see

This is me, this is me, Im not a superman

Broken now, broken now, God take me in your hands

Br. As these walls fall down my heart it quakes,

What will you think, what will it take

To make you love someone with scars so deep,

I just dont see you loving me

V. 4. What was it like when you were there, hanging on that tree

Blood flowed from your hands and side, was it really for me?

Save me now, save me now, If that is your design

Take my life, take my life, and give me yours for mine


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