Essentials: Respond To Jesus

Essentials, Respond to JesusĀ (audio file for download) Essentials: Responding To Jesus. This week concludes our study of the essentials of the Christian Faith. While this has not been totally exhaustive explanation of all that we believe as Christians, I hope that it has brought each of us more clarity about what it is we mean when we read our affirmation of faith every week. I hope that Lord has been drawing each of us to a deeper understanding of what he has done for us in giving us His word, and sending us His son. This has all been based … Continue reading Essentials: Respond To Jesus

James Recap

(Most of my posts are simply the notes that I use when I preach with minimal editing afterward. In most cases, the notes alone may leave holes that I flesh out in the message. Make sure you stream or download the sermon to get more than the notes offer.) james recapĀ (link to audio file for streaming or free download) Here we are on our last week of studying the book of James. We finished up the textual study last week with the last few verses, and this week we are going to recap the entire book. I hope that the … Continue reading James Recap

James 2:14-26 “Faith and Works”

Fifth week of James. Last week we looked at how showing partiality to people based on their outward appearance is putting ourselves on the judgment seat, dishonoring to the people we look down on, and makes us liable for judgment. Most of all, the judgement of man is without mercy, however, the mercy of God triumphs over judgement.   This week we are looking at another difficult passage in James. Has anyone in here ever tried to buckle a kid into one of those new car seats? The ones with the two metal peices that are supposed to fit together … Continue reading James 2:14-26 “Faith and Works”