Nehemiah 3 “What Are You Building?”

Nehemiah 3 _What Are You Building_(Audio file for download) We have been looking at Nehemiah and how he went about rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem. We saw how he was deeply distressed to hear of his people in the city and how they were left without walls or gates. We saw how he prayed and sought after God’s will for him towards the city, and last week we saw how he assessed the walls in secret, how he cast vision for the people of Jerusalem, and how they saw the vision and rose up to build.  If you have joined … Continue reading Nehemiah 3 “What Are You Building?”

Nehemiah 2:9-20 “Inspecting the Walls”

Nehemiah 2-9-20 (audio file for download) We are studying the book if Nehemiah. The first week we looked at some background of the book and how Nehemiah had a heart of compassion for the city of his ancestors, and his heritage. We saw his reaction to that compassion was a heart for prayer, and his prayer was rooted in the Word of God. Last week we looked at how Nehemiah waited, four months before bringing his concern to the king, he prayed and asked God for wisdom to speak to the king. He prayed alone, at set times, and he prayed … Continue reading Nehemiah 2:9-20 “Inspecting the Walls”

Nehemiah 2:1-8 Who is The Real King?”

Admittedly, my notes this week are bare bones, and the audio is not direct, it is from the mic on my laptop. (I accidentally changed the setting in Garage Band) I do believe this is a defining message for me as a pastor, and Emmaus as a church. Nehemiah 2-1-8 (audio file for download) Last week: we learned a few things about Nehemiah: he was cup bearer to the king of persia. who had invaded Babylon after they had invaded Jerusalem. He probably lives a pretty good life with comfort and ease. though, when he hears about the city walls around … Continue reading Nehemiah 2:1-8 Who is The Real King?”

Gospel 1

June 3, 2012 Emmaus God’s Plan in time Ok, so we just spent three weeks studying the book of Ruth.  I hope everyone was able to grasp what God was showing us in that book.  It was great for me to go through it again, and I hope the Lord met you as you studied it for yourself, and here on sunday mornings.  I do want to recognize that there is so much content in that book that we could take three months or more and go through it.  All the implications of what happened there, and what God was … Continue reading Gospel 1