Ruth 3-4: Ruth

May 27, 2012 Emmaus Church Ruth 3-4 So we are at week 3 of our brief flyover study of the book of Ruth.  We spent a week looking at Naomi, a week on Boaz, and now we come to the character for whom the book is named, the character of Ruth. I hope that each of you has had time to read the book for yourself and study it and ask God to show you what he is doing in these people’s lives.  I can never stress enough how important it is for each of us to read through and … Continue reading Ruth 3-4: Ruth

Ruth 2: Boaz

May 20, 2012  Emmaus Christian Church Ruth 2: Boaz:  The redeemer is redeemed. Ok, we are now at week 2 of our 3 week series on Ruth.  if you weren’t here last week, what we are doing is taking three weeks and looking at the book of Ruth, and in specific, the three characters of Naomi, Boaz and Ruth.  We learned last week a little bit about Naomi and how God emptied her of herself, filled her with Himself and redeemed not only her life, but through her he brought forth The redeemer, Jesus Christ.  The big idea of this … Continue reading Ruth 2: Boaz

Ruth 1: Naomi

We have a lot to cover in this weeks message, so lets get to work. First thing I want to let you in on is that since I will be preaching here for the next three weeks, I thought I would do a little three week series with you.  I wasn’t sure what to do, there are so many possibilities in the Word, but the fact that today is mother’s day, I wanted to preach a passage that would relate in some ways to the cultural calendar, and bless the Mom’s among us, as well as anyone here who at … Continue reading Ruth 1: Naomi