James 1:19-26 “Do as I Say and As I Do”

We are now in our third week of our study of the book of James. Last week we looked at how James reminds us to be joyful when we encounter trials of various kinds because our trials are not obstacles to our growth, they are the means of our growth as believers. We talked about how the trials the we face as believers are there to reveal the reality of our faith. I also want to remind each of us of what we talked about this first week of this study that the things that James will tell us to … Continue reading James 1:19-26 “Do as I Say and As I Do”

James 1:2-18 “What Joy”

Welcome to week 2 of our study of the book of James. Last week we looked at the key element to understanding the commands and instructions that James is going to give us in this letter. I highlighted how James saw himself, and the people he was writing to and how we need to see ourselves not primarily as what we do, but who we are in Christ… Our culture has a disconnect. it is between the known truth that if you want to be good at anything, you must experience trials, and the desire that we have as a … Continue reading James 1:2-18 “What Joy”

James 1:1 “Meet James, Who are you?”

James: Author: self designation: “a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ” James was called James the Just. He was the brother of Jesus. Leader of the church in Jerusalem. Written most likely in the mid 40’s. We don’t know much about where he was or the circumstances surrounding the writing of this letter like we do about Paul’s letters. Recipients: “12 Tribes” This is a reference to the twelve tribes of Israel who come from the twelve sons of Jacob, who’s name was changed to Israel after he wrestled with God. It was a reminder to the … Continue reading James 1:1 “Meet James, Who are you?”